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Company Strengths

Exclusive High Pressure Refining Technology
Sansen Malaysia uses exclusive high-pressure oil extraction equipment based on traditional distillation methods. With high-temperature, high-pressure oil refining technology, we extract agarwood essence for pharmaceutical and skincare markets.

  • High Extraction Rate: Over 2 times traditional methods, preserving complete agarwood essence.
  • Full Aroma Profile: Perfect aroma of dry distillation, capturing heavenly scent.
  • No Impurities: No fermentation needed, eliminating sour odor of traditional distillation.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic: SGS-tested, free from heavy metals and harmful substances.
Four Leading Aspects
  • Top-tier Ingredients: Using premium grafting agarwood materials for the finest aroma.
  • Exceptional Process: Employing traditional steam distillation without water soaking or fermentation, ensuring high quality.
  • Distinctive Fragrance: Offering varied aromatic transitions lasting over 8 hours.
  • Unmatched Effects: Possessing medicinal-grade potency, promoting well-being and tranquility.
QiNan Grafting
Native Species Becoming Nominal
Due to the significant human and material resources required for inoculation and scenting, coupled with the subsequent harvesting costs, many tree farmers struggle to afford such expenses. Importantly, the harvest doesn't always match the investment, discouraging many from proceeding.

In 2019, a breakthrough occurred with the introduction of a new agarwood variety called "Qi Nan." Through grafting techniques, this variety significantly enhances agarwood production, increasing resin yield by 10 to 20 times and cutting labor costs in half.
In the process of researching the Qi Nan agarwood variety, Sansen Malaysia carefully selected the best strains from over 40 options. These top five strains have the highest resin content among all agarwood types and are now being extensively cultivated and grafted.

Dedicated research has optimized quality while reducing costs in this sector.

Our industry base layout transformation is complete, with over 300,000 agarwood trees being grafted and scented. Qi Nan agarwood grafting is progressing well, with plans for more grafting and planting projects in the future, enhancing the environment further.
Microbial Inoculation Technique
Whole-Body Scenting
To highlight Sansen Malaysia's origin, the innovative Inoculation Scenting technique is crucial. Since 2012, Sansen Malaysia partnered with Taiwanese biotech experts to pioneer this method. Edible fungi are cultivated and infused into agarwood trees, enabling holistic scenting.

This breakthrough expanded to nationwide scenting projects, even covering 30% of trees for increased resin yield.

This success also led to projects in Cambodia and Laos, showcasing the technique's international impact.