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Sansen Malaysia Agarwood's journey began with planting and aiding farmers in scenting trees. Now, it offers the "Six Incense" brand, featuring the "Heavenly incense Agarwood" series of fragrances and essential oils. These products are 100% natural, SGS-certified for safety and health.
Introducing the "YourJoy Agarwood YJ" brand, a diverse collection of essential lifestyle and skincare products. This range breaks the misconception that agarwood is solely associated with religious rituals. Many well-known perfume and skincare brands incorporate agarwood components, offering a new perspective to those unfamiliar with its potential.
Categories of Agarwood Products
Essential Oil
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Agarwood products are in high demand due to their unique appeal. Our company offers a wide range of high-quality agarwood products to meet diverse customer needs. We're looking for agents to join us and explore the market's potential for mutual success.
Benefits of Becoming Our Online Agent
Unique Product Line
Our agarwood products are rare, precious, and beloved by many.
Market Demand
Agarwood has a strong global demand and potential as people increasingly seek unique and authentic aromatic experiences for their well-being.
Substantial Profit Returns
By becoming our online sales agent, you will enjoy substantial profit returns and attractive sales rewards.
Marketing Support
As our agent, you'll receive full marketing support, including materials, training, and tools to boost sales and attract clients.
If you're interested in becoming our online sales agent, please contact us right away. We'll discuss further collaboration details and provide you with more information about products, the market, and sales strategies.