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Development Prospects

The rise of an era must have the birth of corresponding key technologies. The industrial revolution, because of the steam engine, automates all production. From the ancient wild natural formation of Agarwood to the modern mass production, there must be the birth of key technologies. Therefore, what Sansen Malaysia’s predecessor possesses is an excellent technology for planting incense, which is the beginning of creating another field.
From the research and development of biotechnology to the implementation of incense planting technology, we began to assist Agarwood growers in incense making projects across regions. From Malaysia to Taiwan, to Liao, Cambodia, and even to China’s Hainan Island, this technology was carried forward and agarwood entered mass production.
Starting from the incense-making project, we made a great vision later: "Plant 7 billion trees for the earth and cool the earth by two degrees." "Sansen Malaysia Agarwood was formally established in 2015. It strives to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and promotes the culture of Agarwood and its magical use.
Six Incense Tea House opened
In order to promote the culture of agarwood and the application of products, we formally opened the "Six Incense Tea House" in 2017, so that more people can experience agarwood together.
Completion of Six Incense factory
The price of agarwood raw materials fluctuated too much, and Sansen Malaysia Agarwood resolutely decided to become a manufacturer. In 2018, the "Six Incense Factory" was formally established to produce agarwood essential oil and agarwood incense products, becoming a one-stop company for agarwood, integrating production and sales.
After more than 10 years of research and development, Agarwood has also entered another stage. It is a very good era for artificial planting and cultivation to the breakthrough of varieties, because of Qinan. Agarwood has also benefited from the grafted and improved varieties of plants. It has become better and better and higher in grade. Just like the changes brought to modern people by digitalization, Sansen Malaysia has also entered the era of Qinan.
In response to the pandemic, Sansen Malaysia restructured its operations at Six Incense Agarwood Factory. They transformed the factory into an agarwood tourism hub.

Six Incense Agarwood Tourism Factory offers a unique experience, including plantation tours, art exhibitions, and agarwood product displays. Visitors can also enjoy fragrance sampling, tea tasting, and learn about agarwood fragrance production and bead crafting.
Since 2018, we've cultivated unique agarwood varieties, grafted extensively, and now these trees are ready for harvest. Some have been turned into "Tai Chi Beads" while others into exclusive agarwood essential oils, with more incense products in the pipeline.